Kewpie - Pasta Sauce Mix - Dashi-Shoyu & Natto (70.6g)

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A Japanese-style sauce with a rich flavor that complements mashed natto with soy sauce and five kinds of condiments. No cooking is required. Each packet serves 2 pax.


Sauce: Vegetable oil (palm, rapeseed, soy), soybean sauce, Japanese soup (BONITO powder, rice fermented seasoning, scalded vinegar), BONITO extract (BONITO extract, salt, reduced syrup, protein hydrolysate), salt, mustard, sugar, konbu extract, pepper, flavour enhancer (E621), alcohol, thickener (E415), spice extract. Topping: Dried natto(SOJA), dried seaweed, BONITO, SESAM, dried onions, Konbu seaweed.


Soy, Seafood, Sesame

Nutrition Information (per 100g)

Energy 770kJ / 184kcal
Fat 16g
- Of which Saturates 1.4g
Carbohydrate 4.4g
- Of which Sugars 0.4g
Protein 4.2g
Salt 3.12g

(The ingredient list is for reference only, the actual ingredients are noted on the packaging.)

Net weight


Made in Japan

Best before: 31.03.2024

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