Bullhead - Barbecue Sauce (737g)

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Bull Head barbecue sauce is a popular condiment from Taiwan. It is the Chinese popular ‘sha cha sauce’, which is originally inspired by the Malaysian ‘satay sauce’.

Usage / Direction

Its umami-rich flavour (salty-sour) is remarkable one which makes it an ideal accompaniment to grilled meat dishes and a base for soups. It is also ideal to go with satay meat recipes as well. This barbecue sauce generally can be used with any food to add more flavour.


Soybean Oil, Dried Lizardfish, Garlic, Scallions, Sesame, Chilli Powder, Coconut Powder, Ginger, Salt, Pepper.


Soybean, Sesame

Nutrition Information (per 100g)

Energy 3138KJ/750kcal
Fat 75g
- Of which Saturates 15g
Carbohydrate 10g
- Of which Sugars 0g
Protein 10g
Salt 0.7g

(The ingredient list is for reference only, the actual ingredients are noted on the packaging.)


Net weight



Made in Taiwan

Best before: 15.05.2025

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